Adjustable Splice for Roof Top Coax Kit, Straight Splices


Adjustable Splice for Roof Top Coax Kits

Our Adjustable Splice for Rooftop Coax Kit is offered in the Roof Tops section, Rooftop Coax subsection of our website and catalog along with two types of Rooftop Kits, a wide range of Aluminum Cable Trays, Cable Tray Accessories, Cable Tray Covers, Roof Top Mounts and Tripods.

Site Pro 1 – Roof Top Coax Kit – Adjustable Splice

Adjustable splice fittings are used to join non self splicing roof top coax kits. Our adjustable splice fitting allow the wireless contractor to adjust layouts up to 45 degrees (0 to 45 degrees). These adjustable splice roof top joiners come with necessary hardware (where applicable) and are hot dip galvanized. Note: Adjustable splice hardware is NOT needed for our self splicing roof top coax kits.

Straight Splices

Straight Splice fittings are our Connector Splice Plates offered in the Roof Top section, Cable Tray Accessories subsection of our website and catalog. It is included with ladder sections, but also available separately. They are sold in pairs and include hardware.

Straight Splice for Bridges is a straight splice for Ice Bridges in our Ice Bridge section, Ice Bridge Components subsection. These are hot dip galvanized, 1/4” x 2” x 12”, hot dip galvanized and sold in kits of two.

Straight & Hinged Splice for Solid Bridge Kit are used to splice 501 Channels. These straight splices are available in our Ice Bridge section, Solid Bridge Kit subsection. They can be used for vertical angles up to 25°. Straight & Hinged Splice are hot dip galvanized and all hardware is included.

Site Pro 1 offers a full array of rooftop coax kits, splices, cable trays and accessories for your wireless site infrastructure and they are ready for immediate delivery. Over 2000 components are available, please check all catalog and web site charts for correct sizes, usage specifications and price before placing orders. If you have any questions please call 1-888-GET-PRO 1 (1-888-438-7761).

Adjustable Splice for Roof Top Coax Kits
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