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Antenna Wall Mounts are one of our best selling product categories for Wireless Cell Site Contractors. We manufacture a wide variety of antenna wall mounts and antenna mounts. Our Antenna Wall Mounts can be found in the Wall Mounting section of our catalog and website under subsection Antenna Wall Mounts.

Our inventory includes but is not limited to the following antenna wall mounts; they are clamp set wall mounts, cantilever wall mounts, angle wall mount kits, standoff wireless wall mounts, slider bracket wall mount, triple slider bracket wall mount, corner mount slider bracket, triple corner mount slider bracket, heavy duty wall mount brackets, GPS wall mounts, double antenna clamp and double angle stand-off bracket kit. Our Antenna accessories include antenna clamps, antenna pipe mounts, antenna mounts and antenna brackets to name a few.

Antenna Wall Mounts Short Detail

* Clamp Set Wall Mounts mount to solid or hollow walls with threaded of 5/8” x 24” HDG.
* Cantilever Wall Mounts are 14-1/2” wide and stand 2-3/4” or 6” off wall.
* Angle Wall Mount Kits are constructed from heavy-duty 1/4” angles.
* Standoff Wireless Wall Mount are used to install panel or whip antennas.

Antenna Wall Mounts, Bracket Type Short Detail

* Slider Bracket Wall Mount stands 11” off wall, 1’ to pipe center line.
* Triple Slider Bracket Wall Mount is a triple bracket kit.
* Corner Mount Slider Bracket is a versatile corner wall mount.
* Triple Corner Mount Slider Bracket is a triple bracket versatile corner wall mount.
* Heavy Duty Wall Mount Brackets accepts 2-3/8” or 4-1/2” OD mounting pipes.
* GPS Wall Mount is 4’ long and stands 6” off the wall.
* Double Antenna Clamp allows two antennas to be supported by one pipe.
* Double Angle Stand-Off Bracket Kit allows an additional pipe to be mounted off of an existing pipe.

Kits for mounting Antenna Wall Mounts include Hollow  Wall or Solid Wall Kits. These kits are the HWK258 (hollow walls) and the SWK258 (solid walls), both are heavy duty and must be ordered separately. SP221 is a hollow wall kit and the SP222 is a solid wall kit. These kits are only used where recommended or specified in our catalog or website.

Please check all catalog and web site charts for more detailed information, proper sizing, specifications and pricing before placing orders. Mounting pipes are usually sold separately in our Bulk Pipe section unless specified as included. If you have any questions please call 1-888-GET-PRO 1 (1-888-438-7761).

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