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Cable Runway is offered in the Runway & Shelter section of our website and catalog.

Our Cable Runway is constructed of 3/8” x 1-1/2” tubular steel stringers with 1/2” x 1” welded steel rungs. Our straight steel cable runway is available in twelve or eighteen inch by ten feet (12” x 10’or 18” x 10’) in Yellow Zinc Dichromate or Telco Gray Powder Coat. They provide a great pathway and support for coax cable, telephone and a variety of other cables.

Our coated tubular and welded steel Cable Runway can be joined together and extended as well as supported by an array of accessories that are sold separately, they include splice extension kit, heavy duty splice kit, horizontal T-Splice and a ninety degree (90°) bend splice.

Cable Runway support accessories that are also sold separately include runway end wall support kit, hold down clamp kit, end support kit, adjustable vertical bend kit, runway support kit, slotted runway support kit and ceiling hanging kit. Available also are power cable supports, j-bolt kit and neoprene end caps.

Splice extension kit and heavy duty splice kit are used to join runway stringers are Yellow Zinc finished and include two clamps and hardware.

Horizontal T-Splice and 90 Degree Bend Splice are used for Ninety Degree bends and Ninety Degree connections, also Yellow Zinc finished with clamps and hardware included.

Runway End Wall Support Kit secures end of runway to wall, includes angle, (2) J-bolts and hardware and is available in Yellow Zinc dichromate or Telco gray finish.

Hold-Down Clamp Kit secures runway to wall, ceiling, floor, or strut and includes two clamps and has a Yellow Zinc finish.

End Support Kit secures runway to floor, ceiling, or wall includes two end-supports and clamps with hardware and also has a Yellow Zinc finish.

Adjustable Vertical Bend Kit includes 2 splices and hardware, allows 180° of adjustment and finished in Yellow Zinc.

Cable Runway Support Kit and Slotted Runway Support Kit are used to support runway from threaded rod, Includes two supports and hardware, finished in Yellow Zinc.

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