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Security Camera Towers at wireless cell tower sites, especially remote or rural sites, have become a great way of preventing intrusion, vandalism and theft. The high price of copper and other metals has caused metal theft to become far too common. Owners and contractors can help prevent this crime by installing security and surveillance cameras on our towers.

Security Camera Towers are offered in the Towers and Reinforcement section, Camera Tower sub section of our website and catalog. Tower and Reinforcement section also includes Bolt On Tower Bracing for Round Legs, Tie Rod Bracing for Pirod Towers, Angle Style Bolt On Torque Arms and Broadband Towers. Hard copy and Pdf catalogs can be ordered or downloaded from our homepage or resources menu at the top of the page.

Camera Towers are available in heights from 10 feet to 50 feet with each available in 5 foot increments. They are pre-assembled with solid steel legs to make for an easy installation with increased strength and durability in mind. Each camera tower includes top camera mounting plate, mounting struts for camera box, standing ledge, lightning rod with ground kit and a complete anchor system with full size template. Security camera towers are engineered to meet 125 mph basic wind speed as per ANSI code with no ice and 100 mph basic wind speed with 1/2” radial ice. All systems are hot-dip galvanized after fabrication.

Camera Towers are designed specifically for mounting cameras, with a full array of accessory items available. They include extra standing ledge, additional set of camera mounting struts, 5 foot sidearm camera mounting assembly, safety climb device with cable, hardware and belt and a 8 foot anti-climb kit that fits 18 inch face towers.

Site Pro 1 offers a full list of tower reinforcing and security equipment, along with over 2000 parts and components for wireless tower and rooftop site contractors. Always check catalog and web site charts to insure proper size, specifications and pricing before ordering. If you have any questions please call 1-888-GET-PRO 1 (1-888-438-7761). Camera Towers are stocked at our Plymouth, IN facility.

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