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Communication Tower climbing, descending, lifting and rescue work requires good climbing and safety equipment. This section briefly focuses on Petzl Self Braking Descender Belay Device and Fisk Descender. Our Braking Descender Belay Device is made by Petzl and Fisk Descender is made by DBI. These descending devices can be found in our catalog and web site safety section, rigging sub section along with climbers bags, cable grabs, lifting and rescue pulleys, carabiners, climbing harnesses and gear, fall protection kit, hard hats, lanyards, positioning equipment, retracting lifelines, Petzl riggers ball bearing swivel, safety and hauling work rope and rope grab devices. Hard copy and Pdf catalogs can be ordered or downloaded from our homepage or resources menu at the top of the page.

DBI Fisk Climbing Descenders

The DBI Fisk Descender is one of the most effective and efficient descent control systems for communication tower climbing. Tower climbers like the simplicity of the DBI Fisk Descender since there are no working mechanisms other than the solid casting. The Fisk Descender is made from 304 Stainless Steel and is quite durable. Gentle flow of rope for 19 inches of working line to pass through the Fisk Descender, reducing wear and other rope problems. The radius is large resulting in a smooth descent.

Petzl Self Braking Descender Belay Device with Anti Panic

The Petzl Self Braking Climbing Descenders Belay Device comes in two models, model D20S and D20L. The D20S Petzl Climbing Descenders Device is used on 3/8 or 7/16″ inch rope and the D200LO is used on 1/2 inch rope. These Climbing Descenders allow the rope to be installed fast while being quite comfortable and simple to use. Descending occurs by pulling on the handle while your other hand holds the rope, climbers can control rope running by varying the grip. If you release handle this Petzl braking descender locks. Anti panic function – if climber grips the handle too hard the anti panic function kicks in and locks the handle. Working position is achieved by swinging the handle, the braking descender locks onto the rope.

Site Pro 1 offers a full menu of climbing safety, rigging and fall protection equipment for communication tower contractors and climbers, along with over 2000 parts and components for wireless tower and rooftop sites. Always check catalog and web site charts to insure proper sizing, specifications and pricing before ordering, as well as new product introductions. If you have any questions please call 1-888-GET-PRO 1 (1-888-438-7761).

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