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Exothermic Grounding Molds – Thermoweld

Thermoweld Exothermic Weld Metal Molds for Exothermic Ground Connections

Cadweld and Thermoweld Molds are offered in the Grounding section of our website and catalog along with C Taps, Ground Kits, Ground Rods, Grounding Hardware, Handles, Grounding Jumpers, Lightning Protection, Ground Lugs, Max Ground Ground Bars, Cadweld and Thermoweld Molds, Exothermic Weld Metal and Wire.

Our Exothermic Weld Metal Molds, for wireless cell tower contractors are manufactured by Thermoweld. Our Thermoweld and Cadweld Exothermic Weld Metal product line includes but may not be limited to weld metal molds for Exothermic ground connections, mold cleaning brush, mold sealer, weld metal handle clamp, weld metal disks, flint igniter and weld metal adapter sleeves. Exothermic ground connections make a secure bond and helps reduce unnecessary cell tower contractors repairs. The Thermoweld and Cadweld Exothermic Weld Metal product line is a trusted brand.

Thermoweld and Cadweld Exothermic Weld Metal Molds for Tower Contractors

Thermoweld and Cadweld Exothermic Weld Metal Molds provide for a variety of exothermic connections and they can include;

* Cable to Top of Ground Rod Mold

* Cable Through Top of Ground Rod Mold

* Run and Tap Cables to Top of Ground Rod Mold

* Ground Wire to 1/4” Thick Bus Bar Mold

* Wire to Wire Splice Mold

* Horizontal Wire Parallel Splice Molds

* Parallel Tap Weld Metal Mold

* Wire to Flat Plate Mold

* Ground Wire to Flat Plate Mold

* Wire to Vertical Flat Steel Mold (Cable Down)

* Wire to Vertical Flat Steel Mold (Cable Down 45)

* Wire to Vertical Flat Steel Mold (Cable Up)

* Wire to Vertical Pipe Down Mold

* Wire to Vertical Pipe Straight Down Mold

* Wire to Vertical Pipe Up Mold

* Horizontal Wire to Horizontal Pipe Mold

* Ground Wire T-Connection Mold

Thermoweld and Cadweld Exothermic Weld Metal Molds are a reliable tool for joining your exothermic ground connections, whether wire to wire or wire to steel. Wireless cell tower contractors will find our weld metal adapter sleeves and molds dependable and efficient for their wireless cell tower site.

Note: See our Mold Compatibility Chart in our Hard or PDF Catalog.

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