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Adapter Sleeves are offered in the Grounding, Handles section of our website and catalog along with C Taps, Ground Kits, Ground Rods, Grounding Hardware, Handles, Grounding Jumpers, Lightning Protection, Ground Lugs, Max Ground Ground bars, Cadweld and Thermoweld Molds, Exothermic Weld Metal and wire.

Adapter Sleeves can be used when welding smaller cables than specified for a particular ground mold, accommodating smaller cables to a bigger size ground mold. Our Adapter sleeves change #2 stranded molds to 6 stranded.

Our Wrap Sleeves wrap around cables to match mold opening. User wraps it around the cable with the goal of matching it to the appropriate ground mold size.

Our Chain Handle Clamp, which has a twenty inch (20″) chain that fits pipes up to 4 inches, is used to secure molds to pipe in both horizontal or vertical position. A 20 inch extension chain is also available.

Our Standard Handle Clamp which fits most molds is also in the Handles section.

Site Pro 1 offers a full array of parts and equipment for wireless site infrastructure. Please check all catalog and web site charts for proper sizing, specifications and pricing before placing orders. If you have any questions please call 1-888-GET PRO 1 (1-888-438-7761).

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