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Ice Bridge Splice – for Grated or Solid Ice Bridge

Bridge Splice Steel hardware are offered in the Ice Bridges section of our website and catalog along with Ice Bridge Kits (sizes 7-12-24 inches), Ice Bridge Components, Ice Bridge Kits with no Trapeze, Solid Bridge Components and Solid Bridge Kits. Located in the Solid Bridge section our Ice Bridge Splice is either a straight-hinged splice, adjustable splice, corner filler, angle splice for bridges or straight splice for bridges. All Bridge Splices are made of hot dipped galvanized steel.

Angle Splice For Bridges - WGB-SA

Angle Splice For Bridges is a kit of two angles for Bridge Splice. Measuring 2” x 2” x 33” the angle is hot-dip galvanized with hardware included.

Straight Splice For Bridges - WGB-SP

Straight Splice For Bridges is a Bridge Splice straight flat bar measuring 1/4” x 2” x 12”. The Bridge Splice is hot-dip galvanized with hardware included.

Straight Hinged Splice – SP503

Straight Hinged Splice part # SP503 is used to splice waveguide channel – bridge channel. Made of galvanized steel (hot dipped) it includes necessary hardware. Use straight-hinged splice part # SP503on any straight run or when you need to change to an angle up to 25 degrees, it is an excellent splice when pipe heads do not line up. Great for waveguide channel – bridge channel angle change. Again, cell tower hardware such as straight-hinged splice # SP503 can be utilized differently than suggested based on site needs and product specifications.

Adjustable Splice - SP504

Adjustable Splice Bridge Splice is used to make 0-45° horizontal turns and can be used for left or right turns. Hardware is included construction is hot-dip galvanized.

Corner Filler - SP505

Corner Filler protect cables during 90° Bends and can be used alongside channel to provide protection for entry panels. Hardware is included construction is hot-dip galvanized.

Cell tower hardware such as the grated ice bridge kit bridge splice can be utilized differently than suggested based on site needs and product specifications. Site Pro 1 features ice bridge kits, ice bridge splices, solid bridge components, grated bridge kits and a large inventory of cell tower hardware.

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