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Climbing Pulleys are offered in the Safety section, Rigging sub section of our website and catalog along with Tool and Rope Bags, Cable Grabs, Carabiners, Climbing Harnesses, Harness Accessories, Helmets, Lanyards, Positioning, Retracting Climber Lifelines, other Rigging Equipment, Safety Rope and Climbing Rope, Rope Grabs and Safety Climb Devices. Hard copy and Pdf catalogs can be ordered or downloaded from our homepage or resources menu at the top of the page.

Climbing Pulleys, Petzl Swivels, Hauling and Lifting Pulleys, Kootenay Knot Pulleys are just a few rigging safety items we carry for Cell Tower Lifting, Rescue and Climbing. Our swivel is the Petzl Ball Bearing Swivel. Our climbing pulley, hauling pulleys are the Petzl Rescue Swing Side Pulley, Petzl Rescue FIXE Pulley, Petzl Minder Swing-Side Pulley, Petzl Kootenay Knot Pulley (knot passing), Petzl Pro Traxion Self-Jamming Pulley and the Petzl Mini Swing Side Pulley. Whether you are hauling, positioning or forced to do rescue work your cell tower construction site will be safer and more efficient with these Petzl climbing and rigging products.

Petzl Hauling Pulleys and/or Climbing Pulleys

* Petzl Rescue Swing Side Pulley is specially designed as a hauling pulley and/or rescue work. It has a large sheave fixed on ball bearings (sealed). Three large Carabiners can be accepted at its triangular attachment point.

* Petzl Rescue FIXE Pulley has fixed side plates, can be used as a directional climbing pulley or for hauling systems. Pulley is lightweight, compact and reliably strong. Max rope diameter is 1/2″.

* Petzl Minder Swing-Side Pulley is designed for pulley systems or as a hauling pulley. Acceptable for use as a progress capture device when used with a Prusik hitch. Three large Carabiners can be accepted in the top hole. A nice piece of equipment for cell tower sites.

* Petzl Mini Swing Side Pulley is a compact mini pulley with a flat shape. It is designed as a hauling pulley and for pulley systems. Petzl Mini Pulley is suitable for use as a progress capture device when used with a Prusik hitch. It also has sealed ball bearings for great efficiency.

* Petzl Pro Traxion Self-Jamming Pulley is a self-jamming pulley with large diameter sheave mounted on sealed ball bearings. This is a very versatile pulley, the rope can be installed when device is attached to anchor. Inclined teeth grips muddy, wet and icy ropes.

Petzl Kootenay Knot Pulley (knot passing)

* Petzl Kootenay Knot-Passing Pulley is large enough to pass rope with knots. The Kootenay knot climbing pulley has a large sheave riding on sealed ball bearings that make it very efficient and can be used as an anchor by locking the sheave.

Petzl Load and/or Climbing Swivel

* Petzl Ball Bearing Swivel gives cell tower construction climbers & haulers reliable and smooth rotation from its sealed ball bearing construction. The Petzl Swivel helps avoid rope and hardware binding when load rotation takes place, available in two models.

Cell Tower climbing and material lifting is a hazardous job. Our rigger pulleys, along with our other climbing safety equipment, provides security and confidence for your tower climbing, lifting, rescue or hauling work. Site Pro 1 offers over 2000 products for wireless tower and rooftop sites. Please check catalog and web site charts for proper size, specifications and pricing before ordering, as well as new product introductions. If you have any questions please call 1-888-GET-PRO 1 (1-888-438-7761).

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