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Roof Top Mounts are available in the Rooftops section, Roof Top Mount sub section of our website and catalog along with Cable Trays, Cable Tray Accessories, Cable Tray Covers and Rooftop Coax.

Non Penetrating Roof Frames

Our non penetrating rooftop mount units include non penetrating roof frames and roof top tripods. Our non penetrating roof frames are available with or without antenna mounting pipes with footprints of 84” wide x 100” deep. These non penetrating roof frames come with face widths ranging from 7 feet to 14.5 feet giving wireless roof top contractors a variety of mounting options.

Non Penetrating Roof Top Mounts, Tripods

Wireless contractors like our new improved version of non penetrating tripods. They are heavy duty and used on roof tops or where deemed applicable. This non penetrating tripod accepts 2-3/8” to 4-1/2” mast pipe with various mast size pipe lengths. They have welded trays for quick assembly, pipe and rubber mats are ordered separately. Ballast information is available in our hard copy catalog or pdf version.

Penetrating Roof Top Mounts

Other roof top mounts include a penetrating roof top mount that can be used as a roof top mount directly. These units can be roof top mounted by bolting directly to the roof top with 1/2’’ bolts. Mast is 2-3/8’’ x 96’’. These penetrating roof top mounts have brackets for easy adjustment to sloped surfaces.

Penetrating Tripod used on Water Tanks 

Wireless contractors can mount our penetrating roof top tripod to a water tank where applicable. Contractors have the choice to weld the tripod directly to the water tank or as mentioned above bolt directly to the roof tops. Masts on these units are 2-3/8’’ x 96’’. Whether mounting the tripod on the roof top or welding to the water tank contractors can use the easy adjustment brackets to level on most angled or sloped surfaces.

Additional Rooftop Products

Additional rooftop products include non penetrating roof top frames, rubber mats, roof top coax kits, mounts, coax hood entry for roof, sleepers and more. Site Pro 1 offers a full array of parts, components and equipment for wireless site infrastructure. Please check all catalog and web site charts for proper sizing, specifications and pricing before placing orders. If you have any questions please call 1-888-GET-PRO 1 (1-888-438-7761).

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