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Snap Hooks and Scaffold Hooks for Cell Tower Builders

Separator Snap Hooks, Self-Locking Snap Hooks and Scaffold hooks can be found specifically in the Safety, Carabiner and Positioning category of our catalog and website along with many more cell tower safety items. Our catalog safety section includes but is not limited to products such as cable grabs, bags, climbing harnesses, hard hats, carabiners, scaffold hooks, snap hooks, helmets, lanyards, positioning equipment, retracting lifelines, rigging, fall protection kit, rope and rope grabs.

Scaffold Hooks

Scaffold hooks are made of aluminum or carbon steel. They come in kwiklock locking systems with various gate sizes and various minimum tensile strengths. Minimum tensile strengths on these scaffold hooks range from 5,000 to 10,000 pounds.

Separator Snap Hook & Self-Locking Snap Hooks

Separator Snap Hook by Elk River, fall rated 3/4 inch throat opening. Self-Locking Snap Hooks are self locking and have a patented keeper for high strength with enhanced side load. Cell Tower Builders can choose between carbon steel and aluminum. Self-Locking Snap Hooks come in  various sizes depending on your choice of model. Each model has a wide gates and safe minimum tensile strength. These are real convenient snap hooks for cell tower builders.

Self-Locking Snap Hooks, Separator Snap Hook and Scaffold Hooks are just a few of the approximately 2000 plus products available to cell tower builders at Site Pro 1. Please check all catalog and web site charts for proper sizing, specifications and pricing before placing orders. If you have any questions please call 1-888-GET-PRO 1 (1-888-438-7761).

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