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Tower Rescue Kit
    Tower Rescue Kit with Mechanical Raising System

    This kit includes everything a rescuer needs to effect a safe and timely pickoff rescue of a fallen worker. The unique 3 legged attachment system allows this to be attached to harnesses with a central D-ring, or with only hip rings, without the need for a spreader bar.

    Packaged in a durable ballistic nylon bag, the entire system is fully assembled which prevents tampering or improper connection of the components, and is ready to deploy.

    The mechanical advantage raising system allows the rescuer to raise the victim from their fall protection, and acts as a tether, with no transfer and no cutting required. All components are in compliance with ANSI Z359.4

    Each kit includes:
    • 7/16'' Sterling HTP rope with a sewn eye termination and ANSI carabiner.
    • 4 foot heavy duty nylon anchor sling.
    • ANSI rated auto-locking descender.
    • Rescuer attachment lanyards with ANSI rated carabiners.
    • Mechanical advantage pulley system for casualty raising.
    • Storage bag.
Photo Part#DescriptionPricing
 249' (76 m) KitPrice: $925.00
 328' (100 m) KitPrice: $995.00
 400' (122 m) KitPrice: $1,050.00

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