7'' Ice Bridge Kits

7'' Grip Strut Ice Bridge Kits with Cushion Hangers
    7'' Ice Bridge Kits

    7'' Grip-Strut Ice Bridge Kits With Cushion Hangers

    7'' x 10' Ice Bridge kit, perfect for today's sites utilizing fiber.

    Four Cushion hangers for 7/8'' cable (single 1.09'' holes) are suspended from 12'' stainless 3/8'' rods. See our cushion hangers selection on pages 18-19 of Catalog pdf or Coax Accessories section of website for other options.

    Consider Coax Blocks as trapeze kits as well, page 10 of Catalog pdf or in Coax Accessories section of website.

    Kits include, pipes, cantilevers, fence post caps, u-bolts and all hardware.
Photo Part#SizePolesTrapezePricing
 7'' x 10' 3-1/2'' x 13'-4'' Burial Cushion HangerPrice: $409.00
 7'' x 10' 3-1/2'' x 13'-4'' Burial No TrapezePrice: $377.00

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