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Web Lanyards are offered in the Safety section, Lanyard subsection of our website and catalog along with Rope Lanyards, Tool Bags, Carabiners, Cable Grabs, Climbing Harness, Safety Climb Devices, Climbing Harnesses, Helmets, Positioning Devices and Accessories, Rigging Equipment, Safety and Climbing Rope, Rope Grab Fall Protection and Retractable Lifelines. Hard copy and Pdf catalogs can be ordered or downloaded from our homepage or resources menu at the top of the page.

Our Web Lanyard line is from top manufacturers DBI Sala, Elk River and DBI. We also carry Rope Lanyards from DBI Sala, Elk River and Petzl Grillon. Cell Tower Climbers and contractors should look for the lock icon in our catalog or website, this makes sure the web or rope lanyard meets ANSI Z359.1 (2007) 3,600 lb gated hook requirement.


* MSA Tie-Back Shock Absorbing Lanyard – This device has an integral D ring allowing a variety of anchorage points. Permits a compatible means of connection, roll out is minimized and eliminates the need for a separate anchorage connector.

Elk River

* Elk River Web Lanyard – This device offers a 1” web with 2-1/4” steel snap hook and 2-1/2” rebar hook.
* 6’ Adjustable Web Lanyard – 6’ x 1” adjustable web lanyard, adjusts from 3’ to 6’, snap hooks on each end.
* Elk River NoPac Shock Absorbing Lanyard – Polyester lanyard with 1-1/2” webbing, twin leg, a centurion auto lock snap hook and two 2-1/2” throat open steel snap hooks.
* Elk River 6’ Flex-Zorber Shock Absorbing Lanyard – Device has a 1.5” elasticized webbing, stretches from 4.5′ to 6′, has a twin leg and 100% tie off. Includes a centurion auto lock snap hook and two (2”) throat opening steel rebar form hooks.
* Elk River Flex NoPac Shock Absorbing Lanyard with Aluminum Carabiners – 6’ polyester twin leg lanyard with 1” webbing, two large carabiners and 100% tie off.

DBI Web Lanyards

* DBI Web Lanyard – DBI 1” wide web lanyard device with self-locking snap hooks at each end.
* DBI ShockWave2 Lanyard – This DBI web lanyard is a shock-absorbing with the ability to expand and contract. It has an impact indicator and snap hooks that are self locking on each end. This web lanyard can stretch from 4.5 feet to 6 feet long.
* 3’ DBI EZ Stop II Lanyard – This device is a 3’ long shock absorbing lanyard with snap hooks at each end, keeps arresting force < 900 pounds.
* 6’ DBI EZ Stop II Lanyard – 6’ long shock absorbing lanyard with snap hooks at each end, keeps arresting force < 900 pounds. Choice of two models with flat steel hooks or 2.25 inch aluminum hook at one end.
* DBI ShockWave2 Twin Leg Lanyard – Another DBI shock absorbing lanyard that expands and contracts. Device stretches from 4.5′ to 6′ long, 100% tie off, has an impact indicator and self-locking aluminum snap hooks.
* DBI EZ Stop II Lanyard Twin Leg – 6′ long shock absorbing lanyard with 100% tie off. Flat steel hook and 2-1/4” aluminum hooks, keeps arresting force < 900 pounds.

Site Pro 1 offers a variety of safety, rigging and fall protection products for cell tower contractors and climbers, along with over 2000 products for wireless tower and rooftop sites. Please check catalog and web site charts for proper sizing, specs and pricing before ordering, as well as new product introductions. If you have any questions please call 1-888-GET-PRO 1 (1-888-438-7761).

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