Adaptive Pole Top Kits

This revolutionary new line of small cell mounts enables you to seamlessly transition an existing pole into a 5G node.

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A universal solution. Transform any pole into a 5G node.

Transform Existing Poles

With our (APT) Adaptive Pole Top Kits, you can easily transform existing lighting, traffic and utility poles into 4G and/or 5G nodes.

Our kits are designed for use with wood, metal, concrete or composite poles.

An Easily Expandable 4G & 5G Solution

Our kits are designed for ease of installation, maintenance and flexibility for 4G, 5G or combination 4G/5G applications.

A Perfect Match

We can easily match the color of existing infrastructure with over 99.9% accuracy to provide a seamless match of our kits to your color of choice.

Mid Pole Mounting Options

As an addition to our pole top kits, we also offer mid pole mounting options to expand small cell coverage.

All the Necessary Accessories

Along with our kits, we provide a full assortment of accessories such as fan solutions, electronics and much more.

New Pole Deployment

For use on new poles, we can easily match existing infrastructure or provide new integrated pole designs.

Since Valmont provides over 50% of the deployed light poles in the United States, we have the knowledge and expertise to provide the perfect smart pole solution.

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