Author Spotlight: Jeremy Sinclair

About Jeremy
Jeremy has been in the industry for over 24 years and is the founder of Tower Climbers of America.

In 2005, he had an idea to create a place where people in the industry could communicate, share trade secrets and discuss new opportunities. From this idea, he created “Climbers 4 Climbers” on Yahoo groups. This small Yahoo group of around 16 members, later grew it to what is now known as “Tower Climbers of America” on Facebook and now boasts over 22,000 members around the globe.

He wanted the direction and rules of the group to be based off of member feedback and what was best for climbers. “The group was started by a climber for the climbers and I vowed to always keep it that way.” said Sinclair.

Because of this format, as the group began to grow, the rules began to evolve, protecting the climbers from the bad companies, the companies who didn’t pay, refused to use industry safety, etc. All based on the members and what they wanted.

Over the years, Sinclair was approached by dozens of advertisers and even filmmakers to produce documentaries. Although this could have brought in the much needed funding, he turned down each one once he realized that they did not have the best interests of the climbers at heart.

“You will often hear climbers mention that they need a voice in the tower industry but little do they know they already have one.” said Sinclair. “Their discussions on the group regarding safety concerns, bad practices and other issues have actually been heard and it’s resulted in the national safety standards being changed. Every aspect of the industry is represented on the group from OSHA, the carriers, turf vendors, company owners, all the way down to the green hand looking for work. Their voice is so much louder than they will ever know.”

Valmont Site Pro 1 began collaborating with with Tower Climbers of America back in 2016 as a way to bridge the gap between those providing product and those installing product. Of this, he says “the outcome is beyond anything I would have ever thought.” he continued “When it comes to questions, concerns, etc. the climbers feel completely comfortable with reaching out directly where in the past they had to send it up the chain where 9 times out of 10 it was forgotten before they ever got an answer.”

As for the future of the group, Jeremy remains steadfast on it’s core foundational focus: As long as it remains member driven, about the climbers, the possibilities are endless.

You can learn more about Tower Climbers of America here:

TCofA Facebook Group

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