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#SP1ProductSpotlight: BCAM Taper Adjustment System & Quick-Plate Grounding & RRU Pipe Mount

June 14, 2017

BCAM Taper Adjustment System

The BCAM Taper Adjustment System is infinitely adjustable from -2.5 to 6 degrees by tightening or loosening one bolt. It provides simplified, universal mounting for 1½” to 9½” round legs and up to 6″ angled legs. The large leg adapter kits allow mounting for up to 16″ round legs, 11″ angled and number 12 truss legs.

Quick-Plate Grounding & RRU Pipe Mount

The Quick-Plate Grounding and RRU Pipe Mount plates accommodate up to eight lugs per plate for grounding for a total of 24 lugs each frame. Slotted holes allow attachment of 2⅜” to 4½” OD pipes to support RRU’s and unistrut can be attached to the frame using ⅜” hardware.

Available Now

These innovative, new features are available now on our latest sector frames, click here to learn more.