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#SP1ProductSpotlight: Small Cell Solutions

June 13, 2018

Small Cell Solutions for Improved Coverage

In today’s #SP1ProductSpotlight, we’re going to take a quick look at the Small Cell Solutions from Valmont Structures.

Did you know that any new structure has the potential to become a small cell site? Valmont’s unrivaled expertise in lighting, traffic and wireless structures allows us to provide to the marketplace the most extensive selection of designs and materials for small cell sites.

Extensive Selection of Designs & Materials

Valmont provides small cell solutions using the same materials and design criteria found in our lighting structures. With our vast catalog of light poles, we are best positioned to match and covert your needs into new small cell sites.

Our solutions are engineered to visually complement adjacent architectural and historical elements. A variety of materials are available including steel, aluminum and fiberglass/composite. We also offer a variety of finishes to match existing structures.

Custom Solutions

When beginning a custom project, our technical team carefully considers all project specifications and the surrounding environment. Our recommendations are unique based on local permitting and zoning requirements, pole size and location.

  • Unparalleled fusion of engineering expertise in lighting, traffic and wireless communication structure design.
  • Engineered to visually complement adjustment architectural and historical elements.
  • Variety of materials are available including steel, aluminum and fiberglass composite.
  • Variety of finishes are available to match existing structures.

Getting Started

To request more information about Valmont small cell pole solutions, just click here.