Fortress Platform Mounts

You asked for a single level monopole platform that can support today's loading. We answered. No need for a second level reinforcement kit, easy to assemble, provides easy access for climbers.

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The World's Strongest Single Level Monopole Platform

Heavy Duty Ring Mount

This new ring mount has a new means of load transfer that spreads the applied loads more evenly onto the surface of a steel monopole.

Current designs, due to shape and size, can sometimes damage the monopoles. This new design is intended to reduce that risk.

Truss Support Arm

Features a custom shape design (Tapered Truss I-Beam) that replaces common steel shapes (I-Beam, Sq-Tube, or C-channel) to support the same load, but with less weight and less wind area.

Corner Weldment & Pivot Bracket

Unique design allows the universal ability to create both a 3-side and 4 sided platform and simultaneously support a hinge walkway.

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