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Brandon Chapman
Engineering and New Product Development Manager at Valmont Site Pro 1 / Valmont Structures

About Brandon

As the Engineering and New Product Development Manager for Site Pro 1, Brandon specializes in innovation and design for the always advancing telecommunication industry. His primary job responsibilities are the design and development of new tower components and antenna mounts. He also focuses his time on the design and detailing for custom fabricated parts.

Brandon is a graduate of Purdue University, majoring in Mechanical Engineering Technology. His expertise allows him to design cost effective and safe product solutions unique to the industry, as well as help him communicate these designs to customers, clients, and other industry professionals.

A self-proclaimed perfectionist, Brandon prides himself on making sure that each project receives the proper attention and priority in an effort to supply the highest-quality product possible for the industry.

Brandon also is a volunteer for the Bourbon, IN Fire Department, holding the rank of Lieutenant and is also the acting Training Officer.

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Mount Analysis, Structural Design, New Product Design, Product Scoping, Engineering Support, Custom Design, Manufacturing, Product Applications, Design and Standards Validation, Safety Related

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