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Joseph Trimble
Design Engineer at Valmont Site Pro 1

About Joseph

Joseph Trimble graduated from Purdue University-Northwest with a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering in 2016. While a graduate student, he worked as a researcher utilizing numerical methods such as finite element analysis for structural and fluid dynamic analyses.

With his background in FEA, he joined Valmont Site Pro 1 as an Associate Design Engineer in early 2017. With a focus on engineering analysis, Joseph has spent the last year engaged in design and research for new product development, modernizing product data to the latest telecom codes and requirements, and engineering customer support. In this time, he has helped develop the Fortress mount and an extensive list of up to date engineering data for existing product.

Joseph Resides in Porter County, IN. In his leisure time, he is enjoys frequenting coffee shops and reading.

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Mount Analysis, Structural Design, New Product Design, Finite Element Analysis, Simulations, Numerical Analysis

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