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Michael D. Clementi Jr.
Vice President & General Manager – Site Pro 1

About Michael

Michael Clementi serves as the Vice President & General Manager at Valmont Site Pro 1. Before this role, he was the National Sales Manager for both Valmont Site Pro 1 and Valmont Structures in the Americas.

With more than two decades in the telecommunications industry, Michael demonstrates a great passion for customer satisfaction and expertise in addressing wireless challenges.

Outside work, Michael enjoys spending time with his wife, Lacey, their twin daughters, Sofia and Cecilia, and his son, Mikey. He's enjoys tennis and is actively involved in his community.

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Areas of Expertise & Potential Topics

The Telecom Ecosystem, Procurement, Customer Service, Valmont’s Capabilities, Carrier / GC Relationships (And How We Can Bring This All Together), A Healthy Balance Between Work & Life

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