Petzl MGO OPEN 60 Connector

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SKU:   MGO60
Size:  See Description
• MGO60 • Petzl MGO OPEN 60 Connector
• 2-1/2'' Aluminum Rebar Hook
• Weight 1.1 lb • Material Aluminum
• Auto-lock directional connector with 2-1/2'' gate opening
• Designed for connection to metal structures or to
  large-diameter cables and bars
• Gated connection point for direct attachment of the MGO
• If lanyard is damaged, the connector can thus be reused
• Special connection point helps keep carabiner loaded on its major
• Ergonomic unlocking handle
• The Petzl GRILLON Lanyard with MGO Hook is no longer available.
  You can purchase the L52R Series Petzl GRILLON Replacement
  ropes (Part L52R-002 thru L52R-005) and the MGO60 Open
  Hook separately and attach hook to the GRILLON to
  create the same unit you are used to using.
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