Super XLD Heavy-Duty Ring Mounts Tri-Bracket Kit



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• RM3-HD • Heavy-Duty Ring Mount Tri-Bracket Kit
• Super XLD Heavy-Duty Ring Mount
• Tri-Bracket Kit • Pole Sizes 12'' - 45'' • Weight 338 lb
• SUPER XLD - Our most robust Ring Mount Kits
• Designed for the most extreme loading conditions
• These are the Ring Mounts used in our new Fortress™ Platform mounts
• 18" overall height provides 17" contact area with the pole, reducing point loads and minimizing pole deformation
• Mounting hole pattern includes our standard 6'' x 6'' pattern
• There is also a 6'' x 11-1/2'' hole pattern for larger plates
• Kits include threaded rods and hardware
• Contact us for load and engineering data
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