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Professional Tower Rescue Kits Back to Top

This kit includes everything a rescuer needs to effect a safe and timely pickoff rescue of a fallen worker. The unique 3-legged attachment system allows attachment to harnesses with a central D-ring, or with only hip rings, without the need for a spreader bar.
Packaged in a durable ballistic nylon bag, the entire system is fully assembled which prevents tampering or improper connection of the components, and is ready to deploy.
The mechanical advantage raising system allows the rescuer to raise the victim from their fall protection, and acts as a tether, with no transfer and no cutting required.
All components are in compliance with ANSI Z359.4
Each kit includes:
• 7/16” Sterling HTP rope with a sewn eye termination and ANSI carabiner
• 4 foot heavy-duty nylon anchor sling
• ANSI rated auto-locking descender
• Rescuer attachment lanyards with ANSI rated carabiners
• Mechanical advantage pulley system for casualty raising
• Storage bag
Photo Part#Description Pricing
 249' (76 m) Rescue Kit$1,125.95
 328' (100 m) Rescue Kit$1,195.95
 400' (122 m) Rescue Kit$1,276.95

Petzl JAG Rescue Kit Back to Top

• Designed to easily pick off and lower a victim
• Pick-off with the JAG SYSTEM haul kit, whose 4:1 mechanical advantage and excellent sheave efficiency allow the user effort to be divided by 4 when raising a victim in order to release him
• Evacuation with the I’D EVAC descender, whose handle is specially designed to easily lower a victim. Anti-panic function activates if the user pulls too hard on the handle, which brakes and stops the descent automatically
• JAG SYSTEM equipped with flexible cover that prevents any risk of tangling
• Rope is pre-installed in the closed brake, which is integrated into the descender to better control the descent and to provide a constant redirect
• BUCKET bag for transporting the kit
• Available in two rope lengths, 60 and 120 meters
• Rescue kit contents:
• (1) JAG SYSTEM haul kit
• (1) RING OPEN gated ring
• (1) I’D EVAC descender
• (1) AXIS 11 mm rope with two sewn terminations
• (1) CONNEXION FIXE 150 cm anchor strap
• (1) BUCKET 25 liter bag for the 60 meter version, and a 35 liter bag for the 120 meter version
• Working load limit 550 lb (250 kg)
Photo Part#DescriptionWeight Pricing
 197' (60 m) Rescue Kit 14.6 lb$899.95
 394' (120 m) Rescue Kit 25.0 lb$1,099.95

Rock Exotica Aztek Pro Kit Back to Top

Rescue Kit - Aztek Pro Rescue Rigging
Rock Exotica

• Versatile rescue and rigging tool
• Used for pickoffs, tensioning, minihauls and more
• Can be configured as a 5:1 or 4:1 system
• Pulleys and prusicks are color coded for quick identification
• Kit Includes:
  Two Aztek Omni pulleys
  50 ft of 8 mm rope with sewn-eye termination
  Two 6 mm ratchet loops
  One travel-restraint loop
  Aztek Pro bag
Photo Part#DescriptionWeight Pricing
 Versatile Rescue Rigging tool 4.0 lb$395.00
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Petzl JAG System Haul Kit Back to Top

Rescue Kit - Haul System
Petzl JAG

• Used for pick offs, making a releasable anchor or tensioning a system • Can be coupled with an I’D descender to make a reversible rescue kit to pickoff and evacuate a victim
• 4:1 Mechanical advantage reduces user effort • Excellent efficiency due to sheaves mounted on sealed ball bearings
• Deployment possible even when the distance to the anchor is very short, thanks to the extreme compactness of the collapsed system 11.88 in (30 cm)
• 8 mm Lightweight rope with flexible cover to prevent tangling • Working load 1,350 lb (6 kN) • Comes with two Am’D Triact-Lock auto-locking carabiners • JAG and JAG TRAXION pulleys also available separately for making long haul systems (e.g. confined space descent/ascent system)
Photo Part#DescriptionWeight Pricing
 JAG System Haul Kit 1.3 lb$329.95
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PMI JR Haul System Back to Top

Rescue Kit - JR Haul System

• Pre-rigged 4:1 or 5:1 haul system
• With SMC’s new JRB mini pulley
• System Includes:
  One SMC JR Pulley and one SMC JRB Pulley
  Two SMC Aluminum Carabiners
  33' (10 m) of 7 mm Tuff Cord
  3' (1 m) of 5 mm Accessory Cord
  One 5 mm Oval Screw Link
  Storage Bag
Photo Part#DescriptionWeight Pricing
 JR Haul System 1.9 lb$207.00
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Sterling Pocket Hauler Kit Back to Top

Rescue Kit - Pocket Hauler

• Two SR Mini-double pulleys
• When extra power is needed, this system creates a 4:1 or
  5:1 increase in force, depending on orientation
• For use in partner or self rescue, adjustable directionals,
  piggy-backed haul systems, tensioning lines
  and multiple other rigging needs
• Kit Includes:
  SR Mini-double pulleys (2)
  50 feet of 8 mm rope with sewn-eye termination
  Two Hawk auto-lock carabiners
  One 6 mm sewn ratchet
  One screwlink connector
Photo Part#DescriptionWeight Pricing
 Pocket Hauler Kit 3.0 lb$259.95
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