Gear for the Expert Climber

You do the job that very few can or will do. The heights, the risks and the adrenaline rush of being a climber. We understand and recognize the pivotal importance and bravery that climbers exhibit each and every day that they're out in the field.

To acknowledge this, we created a line of products specifically designed for the expert climber. Fearless by Valmont Site Pro 1. We are committed to providing climbers with the tools and resources they need to do their jobs well and most importantly - safely.

About Valmont Site Pro 1

With nine warehouse locations around the United States, Valmont Site Pro 1 is the premiere provider of wireless site components and safety products. Valmont Site Pro 1 is owned by Valmont Industries, a 3 Billion Dollar multi-national manufacturing company with plants in 26 countries and over 9,000 employees. Valmont's stock is publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange, ticker VMI. Valmont specializes in large utility structures, lighting poles, irrigation systems, communications structures and components.
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