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"Site Pro 1 is my choice for all my needs. You folks fill orders and ship fast when I need items."
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Welcome to Site Pro 1, the premier manufacturer of wireless site components.

We carry an extensive inventory of cell tower parts and cell tower components for freestanding wireless cell towers and wireless rooftop frames or antennas. We handle a unique variety of cell tower parts and cell tower components for all your wireless site work. We are the experts and we are here to help you. We ship all orders immediately so you do not have to wait for your products or deal with backorders as is common practice among our competitors. Complete, Accurate, 99.5% of our shipments are 100% accurate. 95% of orders are shipped complete, on-time, and without a backorder. We incorporate 7 fully stocked US locations in order to serve our clients promptly and reduce unnecessary shipping mileage.
Our new 2015 catalog of wireless cell tower parts and wireless cell tower components, as well as a full tower climbers safety section, is available on line. It’s our biggest catalog ever with 285 pages of wireless site towers, components and products. Our web site has been updated with our complete catalog inventory ranging from weld metal to rooftop frames.
Our products are simply the best quality available anywhere. Engineered and built to exacting tolerances with extensive quality control processes in place. Our mounts are engineered in accordance with ANSI/TIA/EIA-222 latest available revision. Never satisfied with the current state of the art, we are constantly improving products to new industry standards. We offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
We feature over 2300 wireless cell tower parts and wireless cell tower components. Our products include a complete line of coax cable runway components, universal wall mounts, tower stand offs, quick seal connection enclosures, coax canopy protection, weld metal kits, rooftop aluminum step overs, 3M Heavy Duty heat shrink tubing, self-retracting lifeline, climbing harnesses by FallTech, Skylotec, DBI and Elk River, lanyards and more for your wireless cell tower and wireless rooftop needs.
Our 2300 plus wireless cell tower parts and components are divided into over 18 categories for shopping ease. Categories range within:
Boots and Entry Panels – BTS Platforms – Platform Canopies – Coax Accessories – Coax Support – Custom Engineered Towers, Components and Mounts – Tower and Rooftop Grounding – Guy Wire Support – Hardware – Ice Bridges and Equipment Racks – Monopole Steel – Roof Tops – Coax Cable Runway and Shelter – Tower Climbing Safety Products – Tapes, Chemicals and Weatherproofing – Tower Steel – Ice Shields – Customs, Towers and Tower Bracing and Reinforcement – Antenna and Cable Wall and Chimney Mounting.
New component products include MonoBloc Stackable Snap-In Hangers, Universal Barrel Cushions, Extended size Coax Blocks, Round Member Tower Leg Adapters, New Closed and Lace-Up Hoisting Grips, Universal Ground Kits for Cat5 and Coax, Exothermic Starter Kits, Cadweld Molds, Premium All-Weather Weatherproofing Kits, First and Brite Zinc Gallons and Sprays, 12’’ Grip-Strut Ice Bridge Kits, Equipment Racks, Next Generation Heavy Duty Antenna Wall Mounts, Next Generation Light Weight Antenna Wall Mount, Universal Adjustable Wall Mount Brackets, Lightweight Mini Standoff Arms, Dual Swivel Mount For RRU’s, Crossover Plate Kits, Stainless Steel Hardware, Step Bolt Anchor Brackets, New design Tie-Rod Bracing for PiRod Towers and more.
Newly Engineered specialty product lines known as our XLD-Extreme Load Design, Super XLD, R5 Supermounts and XLD Magnum 8.
Specialty Engineered XLD-Extreme Load Design and Super XLD Frames and Mounts include XLD Non-Penetrating Rooftop Pipe Frames, Non-Penetrating Rooftop RRU Mounts, Rooftop Parapet Overhang Mounts, Rooftop Flushmount Overhang Mounts, XLD Rooftop Flushmount Overhang Mounts, XLD Ultra Low-Profile Dual Level Rigid T-Arm for 12 Antennas, XLD Low-Profile Platform for 12 Antennas Plus RRU’s, XLD Monopole Reinforcement Kit for Platforms or T-Arms, XLD Quad Reinforcement Kit for Platforms or T-Arms, XLD Six-Sided Monopole and Ring Mounts, XLD V-Frame with Integral RRU Mounting Pipes, Super XLD Heavy-Duty V-Frame, XLD Sector Frame Reinforcement Kits, XLD Sector Frame Stabilizer Kits, XLD WiMax Tower Mounts, XLD Bogner Tower Mounts, XLD Six-Sided Monopole Mounts and more.
Specialty Engineered R5 Super mounts includes R5 Universal Pipe Mounts and Kits, Sliding Universal Tapered Pipe Mount, R5 Universal Pipe Mount with Face, RRU R5 Universal Pipe Mounts and more.
Specialty Engineered XLD Magnum 8 includes XLD Magnum 8 Snub-Nose Platforms, Magnum Full Walkway Platforms and more.
We incorporated our Safety Catalog into our New 2015 Catalog. Items range from Bags, Cable Grabs, Carabiners, Climbing Harnesses, Harness Accessories, Helmets, Lanyards, Personal Safety Products, Climbers Positioning Equipment, Retracting Climber Lifelines, Rigging Products, Rigging Capstans, Climbing and Work Ropes, Rope Accessories, Rope Grabs and DBI LAD-SAF Flexible Cable Safety Systems – Safety Climbs. New safety products include FallTech ComforTech and Journeyman Tower Harnesses, Elk River Peregrine RAS Harnesses, FallTech Web Positioning and Adjustable Lanyards, DBI EZ-Stop WrapBax Tie-Back Shock-Absorbing Lanyards, FallTech ViewPack Shock-Absorbing Lanyards, Elk River NoPac and Zorber Lanyards, Protecta PRO Stretch Lanyards, Skylotec Skysafe Pro Flex Shock-Absorbing Lanyards, Petzl Grillon Adjustable Rope Lanyards, FallTech Web Pass-Through Anchor Slings, FallTech Duratech Self-Retracting Cable Lifelines, DBI Lad-Saf X2 Detachable Cable Sleeve, FallTech and Petzl Rope Grabs, Petzl Ascension and Dissension Devices, SMC Rescue 8 Descenders, DBI NoWorries Double Stop Descenders, PMI Heightec PRISM Descenders, Petzl I’D S Self-Braking Descenders, SMC Aluminum Crossover Carabiners, PMI Gator Steel Carabiners, Petzl Vulcan Triact-Lock Carabiners, Petzl William Aluminum Carabiners, Petzl Vertex Best and Vent Helmets, Petzl Pixa 2 Headlamps, Klein Canvas, Bolt and Utility Bags, Klein Leather Bottom Buckets, Klein Lineman Backpacks, Petzl Pulleys includes Minder – Kootenay – Mobile – Rescue and more, DBI Rigging Pulleys include Prusik – Knot Passing and more, SMC/RA Double Stainless Steel Pulleys, Petzl Swivels, Tuf-Tug Aluminum Drop Side Snatch Blocks, Antenna Pipe Rooster Heads and much more.
Our Ice Bridge category includes 7’’, 12’’ and 24’’ ice bridge kits with or without trapeze, solid bridge components, solid bridge kits, ice bridge components, equipment racks with direct burial or base shoe pipes and much more.
Our wireless roof top mounts feature non penetrating roof frames, non-penetrating tripods, penetrating roof top mounts and roof top water tank mounts. Our wireless roof top accessories include but are not limited to Aluminum cable trays, cable tray covers, roof top sleepers, roof top coax kits and more.
Our new wireless cell tower parts and wireless cell tower components complement our already extensive list of monopole steel, monopole components, monopole mounts, cable ladders, frame sectors, solid bridge kits, splices, pipe mount kits, weld metal, weld metal kits, entry panels, coax cable runway components, antenna mounting parts, antenna mounting pipes, tower standoffs, tower components, tower component mounts, tower brackets, antenna brackets and more.
The list is extensive and we invite you to experience doing business with us. We are confident our price and service will help your business. We manufacture our coax accessories and our steel products. When you buy from Valmont Site Pro 1, you buy direct, no drop shipping!

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