Featured Heavy Duty Barrel Cushion

Featured Heavy Duty Barrel Cushion
    Barrel Cushions - Heavy Duty Barrel Cushion

    Heavy duty design for fiber, power, elliptical, and coaxial cables.

    Collar secures cushion in hanger to prevent slippage.

    Mating hanger size 1-5/8''

    Use with Snap-In or Butterfly Hangers.

    Not for use with Coax Blocks or MonoBloc stackable hangers.

    Molded from UV resistant EPDM rubber.

    Hole Size - Inch and (MM)
    MHS - Mating Hanger Size
    Sold in 10 Pks (1 order = 10 pieces)
Photo Part#Cable SizeHole sizeMhsPricing
 1.50''-1.61'' (38-41mm) Single Hole
 1-5/8'' (39.4 mm)Price: $19.95

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