Bogner Mount

Stand-off Mounts
Bogner Mount

• Updated design for vertical adjustment up to 10 degrees
• Heavy-duty 6' Side Arm for the most extreme loading conditions
• Features our New BCAM™ Taper Adjustment System
  Easily adjust the taper of a fully loaded mount while
  mounted to the tower with a battery operated
  impact gun by tightening or loosening one nut
  Infinitely adjustable from –2.5 to 6 degrees
• Mounts to 1-1/2'' to 9-1/2'' round and 3'' to 6'' angle legs
• Mounts pivots for easy azimuth adjustment
• Includes stiff arm
• 3-1/2'' x 52'' Vertical mast
• Rated for 500 lb live load

Bogner Mount
6' XLD HD Stand-Off Mount Kit516.78$2,035.00