Gamma Cold Shrink Kits

Cold Shrink Kits - 3M

• Meets IP68 standards against water migration
• High shrink ratio allows weatherproof seal of
  different type connectors
• Regardless of shape or size
• Without the use of additional spacers
• SDL-DC-152 - 6'' length
• SDL-1A-125 - 5'' length

Gamma Cold Shrink Kits
Up to 32mm/1.26'' OD (10-4.3 or similar)As small as 10mm/.394'' OD (Superflex)6''0.1 lb0.50$32.35
Up to 36mm/1.44'' OD (7/16'' DIN)As small as 12mm/.5'' OD (1/2'' LCF)5''0.1 lb0.50$33.40