Ice Shields for Microwave Dishes

Ice Shields - Ice Shield Microwave Dish

Protects antenna from falling ice.

Mounts to 4-1/2'' pipe mount used for dish.

8' and 10' ice shields require 4-1/2'' OD pipe mounts purchased separately p: 144-147 of catalog, also at Pipe Mounts in Tower Steel section.

Kit includes ice shield and mounting hardware, does not include pipe mount.

Other sizes available. Stocked in Plymouth, IN and Carrollton, TX.

Ice Shields for Microwave Dishes
SKUAntenna DiameterSizeWeightPrice
4'48'' x 62''312.00$2,855.00
6'72'' x 62''334.00$3,245.00
8'96'' x 62''395.00$4,005.00
10'120'' x 62''433.00$4,550.00