Plus-Start Exothermic Starter Kit

Exothermic Starter Kits - Plus Start

A premium get started kit for new crews, featuring Cadweld's electronic ignition system, Plus weld metal and Cadweld molds. All the exothermic materials typically used in wireless infrastructure construction.

• PLUSC2L6 Cadweld electronic control unit.
• L160 Standard Handle with Flint Igniter.
• B160V Chain Handle with Flint Igniter.
• One #45 Case Plus F20 Weld Metal (20 shots).
• Two #65 Cases Plus F20 Weld Metal (40 shots total).
• One #90 Case Plus F20 Weld Metal (10 shots).
• PTC-1T1T 2 Solid Parallel Splice Mold.
• TAC-1T1T 2 Solid ''T'' Mold.
• LJC-EG1T 2 Solid Bus Bar Mold.
• GTC-161T 2 Solid Through 5/8'' Grd Rod Mold.
• VSC-1T-V3C 2 Solid 45 Degree Down from Pipe Mold.
• VFC-1T-V3C 2 Solid 45 Degree Up From Pipe Mold.
• HAA-1T 2 Solid Horizontal to Flat Steel Mold.
• T394 Mold Cleaning Brush
• EPD1 Mold Sealer.
• EXO-BIN Green Bin.
• 20'' optional Chain (B-106-27) for B160V sold separately.

Plus-Start Exothermic Starter Kit
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