PSA Series™ Stand-Off Mounts

• Feature our BCAM™ Taper Adjustment System
• Round-member face offers lower wind resistance
• Mount to 1-1/2” to 9-1/2” round and 3” to 6” angle legs; for larger members add the BCAM-SDLL kit
• Mounts rotate for easy azimuth adjustment
• Stiff arm included
• 2-3/8” x 50” vertical mast
• Rated for 250 lb live load

PSA Series™ Stand-Off Mounts
3' Stand Off Mount Kit170 lb120.00$535.00
6' Stand Off Mount Kit183 lb182.00$625.00
Large-Leg Adapter Kit, up to 16” Round Legs or #12 Breakdown Legs114 lb114.00$550.00
Large-Leg Adapter Kit, 7” to 12” 90º Angle Legs or #12 Breakdown Legs115 lb115.00$590.00