V-Frames with Integral RRU Mounting Pipes

• Feature our BCAM™ Taper Adjustment System
• Safely support up to twelve RRU’s plus four antennas
•Two 3-1/2” vertical pipes hold additional RRUs
• Include stiff arm and hardware to mount 2-3/8” antenna mounting pipes
• Call for 2-7/8” antenna mounting pipe versions
• Frames rotate for easy azimuth adjustment
•Contact us for load and engineering data
• When ordering V-frames for use with round chimney mounts or monopole direct frame connection kits add “-NLB” to the part number to get the frame without the leg bracket hardware

V-Frames with Integral RRU Mounting Pipes
SKUFace WidthHardware to mount # AntennasWeightWeightPrice
7'2393 lb347.00$1,790.00
9'3424 lb400.00$1,825.00
10' - 6''4450 lb413.00$1,880.00
12' - 6''4460 lb430.00$1,985.00
14' - 6''4480 lb442.00$2,030.00
---Large-Leg Adapter Kit, up to 16” Round Legs or #12 Breakdown Legs114 lb114.00$550.00
---Large-Leg Adapter Kit, 7” to 12” 90ºAngle Legs or #12 Breakdown Legs115 lb115.00$590.00