Equipment Platform Large Footpad
Part Number: MPAD-L
Pad Size: 18'' x 18''
Description: Large Footpad
Deck Height Adjustment: 13'' - 18-1/2''
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• MPAD-L • Equipment Platform Footpad - Large
• Large Footpad • Pad Size 18'' x 18''
• Deck Height Adjustment 13'' - 18-1/2''
• One Footpad is required at each corner and at each base section
  connection point
• For additional platform height add Footpad Extension Kits and
  Footpad Bracing Kits
• Rubber mats recommended for rooftop applications
• Extension Bracing Kit includes the two end plates with attaching hardware
• Order bulk angle separately (in Hardware section) and field cut the
  diagonal braces for your application