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Leadership Letter

Dear Valued and Future Customer,

I would like to thank all of you for your continued support. We are proud to announce the launch of our new website as part of the ongoing evolution of Site Pro 1 and dedication to our customers. Every change and update was made with our customers in mind to better serve, assist and meet your needs.

Thanks to you, 2017 was a massive year. In just the last year alone, we supplied materials for over 50,000 sites. Because of this continued trust in us, we are always listening and always seeking new ways to demonstrate our commitment to you through customer service and new innovations.

Internally, we’ve built new tools for our customer service team to easily and quickly answer any product or order questions on the spot. Our growing team of engineers and cad techs involved in mount design and analysis are always creating solutions to commonly held problems, leading the industry, bringing new product innovations to market.

We have developed several new items this past year to meet the changing needs of the market place. Of special interest is our new patent pending VFA-SD frame. This frame incorporates an easy and infinitely adjustable taper system as well as our new Quick-Plates for simplified grounding and RRU mounting. Other notable new product innovations include our Fortress Tri-Platform and Quad-Platform monopole mounts - the world’s strongest single level monopole platform. These platforms eliminate the need for a second level reinforcement kit, are simple to assemble, and provide easy and safe access for climbers.

Mount capacity has often been overlooked in the past. Increasing antenna sizes and mount failures have caused carriers and the TIA board to examine mount capacity more closely. As a result, we are seeing several mount capacity rating systems throughout the industry. These classifications vary slightly and can be confusing.

No matter which classification you are dealing with, you can rest assured that Valmont Site Pro 1 is keeping up with all relevant standards. As a member of the TIA standards committee, we are aware of the latest TIA changes. We work closely with carriers and even have helped create their standards. We support virtually every A&E firm by ensuring they have our latest structural information. Our staff of engineers is available to assist with any issues that may arise. Valmont Site Pro 1 is well respected by all within the wireless infrastructure industry.

Valmont Site Pro 1 has earned this reputation by consistently performing to the highest levels of customer service. Out of the tens of thousands of orders we ship yearly, we are proud to say that over 99% ship without error and 96% ship complete without a backorder.

We look forward to fulfilling your future requirements and are confident in your satisfaction. If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with our products or services, feel free to call me directly on my personal mobile phone at 516-265-5839. Is the General manager of your current supplier willing to give you their personal phone number?


Joseph Catapano
Vice President, Communications Systems


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