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Dear Valued and Future Customer,

We truly appreciate all of our customers and the engineering firms that partner with us. Since the last printing of this catalog, there have been exciting changes, both at Site Pro 1 as well as in the industry. Our growth has been explosive. A recent acquisition of Connect-It Wireless has strengthened our position in the marketplace. We have added some of the Connect-It products to this catalog as well. Columbus, NE is now our ninth location, strategically positioned to allow us to deliver to any part of the US in one day. There are too many new items in this catalog to list, so please pay special attention to the items that have “New” indicators.

The 5G roll out has begun. We are on the verge of the largest communications build-out in the history of the world. Site Pro 1 fully expects to lead the market in small cell mounts and accessories, much as we have on the macro side of the business. This catalog introduces our APT (Adaptive Pole Top) line of small cell mounts for all types of poles as well as pole mounted enclosures and many other accessory items. As the largest producer of light poles in the USA, Valmont can manufacture any type of small cell pole required. We can match existing city infrastructure or supply our own integrated pole designs. Since over 50% of the deployed light poles in the country were built by Valmont, we know the specs, colors, designs, etc. of each city’s poles.

Site Pro 1 is known for excellent service and accurate, complete, and same-day shipments. Never satisfied, we are pushing to improve our customer service by developing a software system that will keep our customers informed and offer enhanced communications during the order process. Our website has also been updated to improve your online experience.

We look forward to fulfilling your requirements and are confident you will be another satisfied customer. If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with our products or services, feel free to call me directly. My mobile phone number is 516-265-5839; I have published my mobile number for over 10 years now and have received only a handful of calls. Is the leader of your past or current supplier willing to publish their mobile number?


Joseph Catapano
President of Telecommunications


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