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Wire Grab Fall Arrestor Back to Top

Wire Grab Fall Arrestor

• Fits all types of 3/8'' diameter cables
• Easily removable dual cam design
• Automatically follows users for hands-free
  climbing and fall protection
• Meets ANSI, CSA, OSHA and CE Fall
  Protection Safety Requirements
• Compact lightweight design
• Optional Shock Pack available
• Proudly Made in USA
Photo Part#Size Pricing
 Fits 3/8'' diameter cables$167.99

DBI Lad-Saf X3 Detachable Cable Sleeve Back to Top

Cable Grabs - DBI Lad Saf
X3 Detachable Cable Sleeve

• For use on 3/8'' solid-core cable (1 x 7 or 7 x 19)
• Mobile design follows user for convenient climbing
• Easy to install or detach anywhere along
  the lifeline
• Mechanical and inertial-locking system stops fall
  within inches
• Built-in energy absorber and fall indicator with swivel
• Steel carabiner for harness attachment included
• Compact, lightweight design
• Corrosion resistant withstands harsh environments
• Integrated RFID tag, equipped with i-Safe™
Photo Part#Description Pricing
 3/8'' Cable Grab with Carabiner$515.00

Skylotec CLAW Vertical Fall Arrestor Back to Top

Vertical Fall Arrestor
Skylotec CLAW

• Fits 3/8'' & 5/16'' diameter cables
• High quality lightweight stainless steel construction
• Smooth travel up & down the cable
• Meets ANSI A14.3-08, CSA Z259.2.5-17 and
  OSHA requirements
• Replaceable shock absorbing pack
Photo Part#DescriptionWeight Pricing
 Fits 3/8'' & 5/16'' Dia Cables 2.16$412.00
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