Preserving signal integrity.
Increasing network performance.

We offer a variety of solutions that reduce interference from passive intermodulation. Request a copy of our guide today.

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Passive Intermodulation Reduction Solutions

Dedicated to PIM Mitigation and Network Efficiency

With new frequency bands constantly being deployed, the inevitability of competing carrier signals and the corresponding PIM interference is driving the need for low PIM components in the high-risk PIM zone close to antennas.

The backbone of a typical cell site consists of thousands of essential components like brackets and mounts. By their very nature, these accessories are prone to PIM generation caused by corrosion, connection designs, and installation practices, all of which result in RF interference and a reduction in overall network performance.

Given the growing concern of PIM, we are committed to offering dynamic solutions that help remove signal interference. PIM mitigation and optimal network performance are intrinsically woven throughout our product development process. From the early stages of R&D to physical design, material composition, and our testing practices - everything is engineered to increase network efficiency.

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